Sunday, 10 October 2010

X factor results, 10/10/10

"In no particular order," the results of the vote were announced.  The two strongest singers from last night got announced first, then Wagner was in the middle, and we're left with an authentic group, Lady Gaga and Nicolo Festa.  That was a surprise - I thought there were at least two other acts that were more likely to be in the bottom three - but what was less surprising, and actually quite pleasing, is that Nicolo got booted straight out.  Hurrah!  It's quite probable that the British public didn't like his attitude or his character, or his personality (or any combination of the above) - a case of too much X Factor, by the looks of it.  And now we're left with FYD and Lady Gaga.  In a few weeks' time, we'll all need to consult Wikipedia to remember who they were, let alone what they looked like.

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