Sunday, 10 October 2010

The X Factor Pantomime

Okay, so it's really got nothing to do with Chess, at all, but I figure it's time I wrote down some of my thoughts about the X Factor.  I'm biased, I'm opinionated and I thought I'd point out some of its biggest flaws, and the things that annoy me about it, just to see if anybody else feels the same.

Firstly, there's the theme tune, composed by Simon Cowell and some other people.  I wonder how much of the composition is down to Mr Cowell's musical talent, and how much of his writing credit is down to getting royalties every time they play it (once at the start, once at the end, and twice for every advert break).  Just a thought...

Then there's the whole 'making a drama out of nothing'.  When Dermot O'Leary announces the results of the vote, "In no particular order," I will roll my eyes.  Rest assured that the results of the votes are announced in the order that will produce the most drama.  Some of the more shocking results will be given at the start, then the ones that are safer will be announced, then it'll come down to two of the bottom three.  Except that this week, there's a double elimination... well, if they allow in four more acts at the start, they need to get through them fairly quickly, don't they?

Most years, and this year has been no exception, we've had the manufactured boy band and the manufactured girl band.  Take four or five individual candidates and bolt them together as a group.  They suffer from a lack of practice time, and hardly know each other at all, but they shouldn't have to worry too much - after all, they have a good record for getting through to the live TV stages.... but then getting eliminated very quickly.  I sympathise for the authentic groups who can sing well, as their space has just been lost to a cynical marketing ploy.

I'll add just one more thing before closing (and rest assured I've got plenty more to rant about next time) - the cash cow setup.  Not content with aiming for Christmas number one (and such a *shame* they didn't get it last year) the whole setup is to get people to spend money on the vote.  And how much money?  Based on some rough mental arithmetic, if they had, say, 4 million votes for just the final last year, and 35p from each call is straight profit, then that's £1.4million.  Just from the final - not counting any of the previous rounds.  Last year, Jedward (a whole article of their own) were clearly the money-spinners, as people were voting to keep them in, contrary to Simon Cowell's overly loud  protestation (and much money-counting in the background). And yet, when the time came for him to eliminate them - the first chance he got - he kept them in and eliminated Lucie Jones (nobody can remember her, but she was a good singer).  The decision got the press it deserved, in a Daily Mail article and Simon Cowell kept rubbing his hands with glee.

Anyways, I'll close for now, as Joe McElderry has just sung his new song, in a hope to get a number one hit (since he didn't get it last Christmas, and needs all the publicity he can get).

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