Wednesday, 27 October 2010

X-factor Update: Wagner to win.

So the previous weekend has seen the first serious contender leave the show, as John was voted out and some of the other less talented (but more entertaining) acts were left in.  Yes, I'm referring to Wagner, and yes, I really do genuinely hope he wins.  Last year, we had Jedward who brought in serious money for Mr Cowell (while they were still on the show, before they started touring) but who were unfortunate enough to get voted out before the final.  Consequently, the public had to wait until Christmas before we could deliver him a poke in the eye in the form of "Rage Against the Machine".  This year, we could deliver a serious prod before his show's even finished - it's just a real shame that we'll have to line his pockets to do so.  Personal preference would be for a *shock* Christian song to be number one at Christmas, but in the meantime, prodding the money-makers and giving them a pause for thought and a bit of a knock to their ego might help.

Until then, I'm backing Wagner.  No, I won't be voting for him, and no, I won't regret the fall of the other acts while Wagner stays in.  Last year, you may recall Simon keeping Jedward in at the expense of some other acts who could sing, so I won't be too upset at the public doing exactly the same.  Instead, I'll be watching the news about the Facebook groups, and smiling with a certain cynicism at Wagner's progress.

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