Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Cheryl vs Wagner, 21 November 2010

Well, it's good to see the X Factory machine in full swing.  Last Saturday's X Factory Pantomime was filled with all the usual comments, criticisms and crowing that we've come to expect, and in addition, they even managed to get Jeremy Kyle's audience in too.

Big news was of course Cheryl Cole's desperate attempt to undermine Wagner's fanbase.  Realising that her acts are rapidly losing ground, popularity and votes, she's had to change her tactics in order to try and get him voted out of the show.  I'm pleased to see that it completely failed.  So, she, "doesn't normally have any constructive criticism," for him?  Why should this week be any different, eh, Cheryl?  That wasn't constructive criticism, that was a failed character assassination.  So Wagner pointed out that she used to live in a council estate and she's very lucky.  Her transparent, "You should think about how lucky you are," was a thinly veiled threat, and I'm happy that it didn't work.  Instead, with good grace, Wagner managed to completely turn the tables on her, and came up smelling of roses.

Of course, I'm biased.  Yes, The Sun reports it differently, but the fact remains that Wagner is still in, and this little escapade by CC has not done enough to dent his increasingly loyal fanbase.  I'd have liked to have seen Louis take the sing-off to deadlock, instead of eliminating Paije - if only because it increased the chance of Cheryl losing *another* act, the uninspiring rapper, Cher.

Still, Wagner remains, the votes count must be climbing, and we saw an inspired use of the, "No particular order," line.  More on that next time.

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