Friday, 30 May 2014

Digital Analytics Hub 2014 - Preview

Next week, I'll be returning to the Digital Analytics Hub in Berlin, to once again lead discussion groups on online testing.  Last year, I led discussions on "Why does yesterday's winner become today's loser?" and "Risk and Reward: Iterative vs Creative Testing."  I've been invited to return this year, and I'll be discussing "Why does Average Order Value change in checkout tests?" and "Is MVT really all that great?" - the second one based on my recent blog post asking if multi-variate testing is an online panacea. I'm looking forward to catching up with some of the friends I made last year, and to meeting some new friends in the world of online analytics.

An extra bonus for me is that the Berlin InterContinental Hotel, where the conference is held, has a Chess theme for their conference centre.  The merging of Chess with online testing and analytics? Something not to be missed.

The colour scheme for the rooms is very black-and-white; the rooms have names like King, Rook and Knight; there are Chess sets in every room, and each room has at least one enlarged photo print of a Chess-themed portrait. You didn't think a Chess-themed portrait was possible?  Here's a sample of the pictures from last year (it's unlikely that they've been changed).  From left to right, top to bottom:  white bishop, white king; white king; black queen; white knight; white knight with black rook (I think). 

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