Sunday, 17 July 2011

Chess game: defending the Patzer's Opening

Here's an example of a game where I successfully defended the Patzer's opening, using the tactics I've listed before for negating and defeating a player who starts out with the Patzer's opening. This is also a test run of the Chess Videos Replayer software, which seems to be a success.

I was black, and playing white was k-ermin.  I have to confess to making a number of blunders in this game (I might annotate them at a later date, this is really just a test run on the replayer software) but won at the end with a bishop sacrifice to clear the way for my queen to mate on a1.  Now that I've found this software, I'll try and publish a few more of my more illustrative games (and not just the ones where I win, honest!).

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