Sunday, 21 March 2010

David L vs Belraim Penhaligon: (Ruy Lopez)

This first game was played on iGoogle Chess, and was between me (approx ELO rating 1361) and Belraim Penhaligon (approx ELO rating 1063) on 2 December 2009.

1.e4 e5

At this stage, I was expecting to play a classic Ruy Lopez, where Black responds with Nc6 to protect his pawn on e5. However, the game took an unexpected twist.

2.... f6

3.Bc4 Ne7

Maybe my opponent was concerned that I was going to capture his knight on g8, and hence moved it. I wasn't - I was looking to develop my pieces. However, his unusual play at this point led me to try something unusual of my own - a knight sacrifice to disrupt his pawns and to bring my queen quickly to the kingside.

4.Nxe5 fxe5

5. .. Ng6

This defence was not enough to prevent a checkmate. The f7 square is a weak spot for Black (for White, the corresponding square is f2) as it is only defended by the king. It's important to defend this area early on - especially if it's being attacked, as it was in this case, by your opponent's pieces.



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